Traveling to Sierra Leone

There are several flight operators flying to Sierra Leone, for advice on booking flights, please give us a call.

We will be there to meet you off your plane to help you through the airport and onwards to the peace and quiet of the island.


British nationals traveling to Sierra Leone require visas. Once you have booked your flights and accommodation at the Lakka Beach Resort, we can advice you on how to obtain your visa’s before you travel to Sierra Leone.


All travelers are required to have a yellow fever vaccination before entering the country.

We would also advise a course of Malaria tablets, both this and the Yellow Fever vaccination can be obtained through your local doctors surgery or pharmacy.

The West African country of Sierra Leone has been a peaceful country since the end of the civil war. The rate of serious crime is very low.

15 year’s ago a holiday in Sierra Leone was unimaginable. Now, with hotels being built all over the country and new airlines flying in, the country is becoming a desirable destination for travellers from all around the world with its unspoilt beauty and originality.

Lakka beach is home to a village community who pride themselves on the safety of their island. Your safety and comfort is of great importance to the villagers who will go out of their way to ensure that your stay is a safe and enjoyable experience.

To see the advice from the British Embassy regarding travel to the area, please visit the embassy website.

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